1. Business Valuations

    Any accountant will tell you it's important to know your position with regard to assets versus liabilities. It's also critical to understand your real asset position for the purposes of refinancing, or gaining capital loans. More importantly, like any investment it's important to constantly know whether your assets are growing or declining in value.

    To truly know that, your business (and, for that matter, your other major assets) needs to be valued regularly. Importantly, unlike your home, (the value of which can increase dramatically for reasons outside of your control), your business is a living, breathing entity that grows when the right forces are applied to it. For every business, the right forces are different. For some businesses it's changing processes or the way they do business, for others it's changing who they do business with, it may be changing the team structure, or tighter financial control, or implementing a solid strategic plan, and for others it's something entirely different.

    The other purpose of our business valuation services is to measure those forces. To find out if the right forces have been applied, and take action accordingly. Naturally, if they have we might suggest you do more of whatever caused that increase in value. Conversely if the value decreased, we'd work with you to identify alternative forces or ideas to apply that could correct that position as quickly as possible.

    A periodic review of the value of your business then ultimately helps us increase your business's value much more quickly.