1. Special Projects

    Ideas of projects that we can work on together that are not included in the three standard levels of service.

    1. Transaction planning to prepare for major business transactions or business strategy changes such as mergers and acquisitions. Study from a strategic and/or tax minimization perspective.
    2. Prepare a written business plan for use with key managers, board of advisors, bankers adn other stakeholders.
    3. Assistance with obtaining bank or other financing, including preparation of projected financial statements.
    4. Assistance with other business startup services. Unless otherwise specified, this is limited to using a business start-up engagement checklist as a tool to help guide on the matters to be considered when starting a business. It is up to the client to ensure that all appropriate actions are taken.
    5. Other business startup phase work, including advice on an ad hoc basis, as a general business or financial advisor during the startup phase.
    6. Setup or conversion to new accounting system. Assistance with setup software and subsequent upgrades, 3-15 weeks of on-site training and training for new team members.
    7. Assistance with legal or entity matters, including coordinating choice of business entity with attorney, obtaining startup registrations related to tax requirements.
    8. Review of the owner compensation system, including partner and incentive compensation packages, to align company and individual manager goals.
    9. Prepare inheritance tax and capital gains tax returns.
    10. Deliver Phone Right training program and train team members to delight customers starting with the first impression.
    11. Deliver Towards Awesome Service training program. Determine system failures in customer service and set performance standards for a new customer service strategy.
    12. Deliver Making Your Business Really Fly training program and start identifying ways for owners and top managers to move from working "IN" their business to working "ON" their business.
    13. Deliver Effective Financial Management training program to help non-financial owners and managers interpret and use financial statements.
    14. Deliver Building a Better Business training program to gain insight into how to shape the future of the business through marketing initiatives (approximately 3 hours of interactive audio and discussion).
    15. Deliver Write Right training program to help you create corporate communications and marketing materials that grab customers' attention.
    16. Develop a people development system, including creating training tracks, career paths and performance evaluations and systems for team members.
    17. Conduct a customer advisory board, a focus group that brings several customers together to determine likes/dislikes and ways that you can improve your services to encourage them to purchase more.
    18. Research new business opportunities, such as product lines, acquisitions, expansions, etc.
    19. Research industry strategy and development papers for selected industries to examine trends, key success factors, news, economic analysis, strategic analysis, benchmarks, etc.
    20. Complete a tax compliance assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company's income and other tax compliance practices, using specialized industry guides (if available), and a plan to help team members improve documentation and practices.
    21. Estate planning to develop and implement a plan that preserves your legacy.
      • Level One: A six-stage process that will protect you and your loved ones from the potential hardships associated with not having a proper estate plan.
      • Level Two: Continuous assistance in implementing your estate plan to help you gain control in estate matters by always having a professional at your side.
    22. Projected financial statements/forecasts/cash flow planning including the development of projections and forecasts for various projects such as: acquisitions and development of real estate projects, new business ventures, business expansions and similar activities.