1. Vision Statement

    Allan Hogenson Chartered Accountant has its principal commercial purpose the objective of increasing the net financial worth of its clients.

    Allan Hogenson Chartered Accountant will be acknowledged as the most proactive, forward thinking and helpful accounting firm in western Canada.

    Only the best candidates will be hired as team members. They will be excited to be a part of the business and will benefit from above average compensation and a fulfilling, enjoyable working environment. An emphasis will be placed on providing ample opportunity for professional advancement and personal growth, and team members will play an integral role in the decision-making process within the business.

    There will be a high level of trust and mutual respect among all team members, partners and clients.

    Every person in the firm will understand and subscribe to the firm's vision and will want to assist in its accomplishment.

    The firm will be innovative in its service delivery and will be guided by its principal purpose of increasing the net financial worth of its present and future clients. The services offered by the firm will be clearly defined, highly structured, and priced in accordance with the value they represent to the client.