1. Development and Growth

    More than just traditional services.

    Yes, we offer you all the traditional accounting services, but we understand there is so much more that can be done to help you reach your ideal profits and an improved lifestyle.

    This can include assistance with strategies like management, marketing, customer service, team retention, working processes and business growth. Our business development services are designed to offer you this extra support to help make your business better, more profitable and more valuable.

    A 10-Step Business Development Process for You

    Allan Hogenson Chartered Accountant is a firm that helps you build your financial position by making your business more valuable and more profitable. To do that we've developed a specific and purposeful 10-step process to help grow your business, improve your lifestyle and increase your profits significantly. Here's how we work with you to develop the true potential of your greatest asset:

    1. A Preliminary Assessment identifies your profit potential

    To gauge the level of results you can expect from your business, we'll ask you to complete a preliminary questionnaire. Using software tools designed to identify and quantify your potential for profit improvement, we're able to tell you just how much improvement you could expect.

    You will be considered for our business development processes if your potential for improvement is significant - typically starting at $100, 000. Now before you think - "my business couldn't improve by that much," most of our clients are genuinely surprised and pleased when the analysis shows their potential for added value.

    2. An Initial Consultation ensures there's a match

    During this step we'll present you with a summary of the improvement potential within your business. Youíll see firsthand some of the processes and approaches we use to work with our clients to begin improving the business and its return on investment. When you decide to continue with the process you receive a copy of your customized Business Development Program.

    3. A Detailed Investigation maps a course of action

    Included in your Business Development Program is a more detailed Business Development Questionnaire. This gives you instant insights into the challenges you face and what needs to be done to improve how you handle them. Together we can then identify the strategic opportunities that come from the way you do business (your business processes) and provide you with a documented analysis. This will help you see and develop a course of action made all that much clearer with the next step.

    4. A Planning Session sets your strategic vision

    Many business owners do not have a clear vision for the future of their business. To really achieve improvement, it's important to turn your vision into a crystal clear picture. From there you can work back to where you are today, identifying all the strategies you need to implement to achieve your goals. We use a Planning Session for that process. At your Planning Session our team reviews with you the key issues you face and the potential solutions. Here you really start to see how the process comes together.

    5. A Plan of Action clarifies goals

    We've found clients relate better to "Action" plans rather than lengthy, heavily worded business plans. You'll receive a results-orientated action plan that's easy to relate to and simple to implement. This plan provides you with the basis for moving forward with your business development. With specific goals and target dates, you and your team have a clear direction and more likelihood of success.

    6. Involving your customers to guide your direction

    To really create a successful business you need to know exactly what your customers want, and what they find frustrating. That way, you can adopt strategies and business processes that make your business the one they prefer to deal with.

    Addressing your customersí issues gives you a great opportunity to create a competitive edge thatís not just based on price. Holding a Client Advisory Board, where we sit down with your customers and listen to them in a structured way, is an invaluable way to add value to your business.

    7. The power of your team in building a customer service strategy

    The people who work for you also play a vital role in how well your business meets customers' expectations. They deal directly with the issues raised by your customers every day. Often that means they have hands-on insights that could benefit the business. A Team Advisory Board (much like a Customer Advisory Board) generates strategies that improve the processes within your business. We have protocols for working with your team to develop a customer service plan that incorporates the feedback you receive from customers and team members alike - instantly setting your business on a path much more aligned with customer expectations.

    8. A process based audit to determine where improvements need to be made

    We look at each business as a collection of people performing a wide range of activities or "processes." How well these activities are completed determines the outcomes or results your business achieves. And because most businesses have not truly systematized their processes, outcomes are often random and business owners are left feeling that they lack real control.

    Improving business performance is fundamentally then about improving the key processes within your business. We use a system to analyze the processes that comprise your business and its activities, and helps you identify which ones need to be re-designed for far better results.

    9. Defining and documenting key business processes for more control

    After analyzing what processes comprise your business, we can work with you to set up a documentation system. This will give you greater control over your results by defining exactly how each process is to be completed. Again, you get better control AND outcomes. Another critical outcome to consider is that the value of your business increases as your business moves more and more towards being a turn-key system - a system that produces expected results.

    10. A Management Control Plan to track your progress

    Imagine having a control panel on your desk, much like the dashboard of your car, with gauges and signals that tell you instantly how your business is running. Compare that to the hectic, reactive nature of most businesses, large or small.

    Your key performance indicators (KPIs) and your financial plan offer that level of control for your business just like your dashboard. Together they make up your Management Control Plan, which helps you track the progress of all key areas of your business. The plan enables you to respond quickly to changes and new situations, and thus generate optimal profits for you. It's important that we, as your business development consultants, play an ongoing role here to track key performance indicators and your financial position with sophisticated software programs.

    If you'd like to contact us about our Business Development Programs - simply go to the "Contact Us" section and let us know.