1. Funding for College or University

    We all want the best for our children – for them to have every opportunity to grow and learn and to make a success of their life. The challenge we face as parents of young is how to properly fund our children’s education without draining our current cash flow.

    What should you do if they are a few years away from college and your education fund won’t be enough? How can you increase your chances of getting financial aid? What tax benefits might be available to you? Your professional advisors are able to help you answer these question and any others you may have. With the costs of a college education rising every year, the keys to funding your child’s education are to plan early and invest shrewdly. However, there are steps you can take if you get a late start. Moreover, there are a number of effective techniques for increasing financial aid opportunities and reducing taxes.

    The thought of funding your child’s education—the cost of which has grown at about 6% a year— can be mind-boggling. However, proper planning can lessen the financial squeeze considerably, especially if you start when your child is young.

    We can help you to make the right financial decisions and begin saving for that college education today.